We honor those who serve because we believe those who serve others change the world.


The Company Commander

I am Dwight Brake, the founder and CEO of BENSON. Inspired to serve by my two older brothers, one in the Marines and one in the Navy, I joined the United States Air Force in 1994 and served honorably for 4 years. I guess you can say that we are a family that believes in military service. In fact, it use to be a neighbor joke that if we had one more brother to join the Army, the Brakes would represent every branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Often, when you hear that someone has joined the military, you get a vision of this person leaving home and going abroad fighting for their country. While true, the story gets lost that it is individual people that we serve. As a Nurse / Medic, I had the opportunity to witness the power of service everyday. There is nothing like getting that call and responding to a fellow Airman who’s having a medical emergency, then providing the treatment they need and watching them recover. There are no words that can express the feeling that you get from this type of service. And while I thought that only a great institution such as the United States military could provide such an opportunity, professionals in the civilian world enjoy this experience everyday as well. Policeman, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Mentors and many others, serve people within their community by simply helping them solve a problem. Whether the problem is big or small, the simple act of helping someone in need to make their life easier is truly a gift and the reason that I created BENSON.


The Company

BENSON is an exclusive butler service that provide butlers (Bensons) to people who need help with their daily activities. We understand that our clients are a very busy people and don’t want to spend their evenings and weekends doing chores at home or standing in long lines in grocery stores. Our core competencies are completing errands, household chores, and grocery shopping. However, if our clients need something more, BENSON can adjust and accommodate almost any request.

In today’s world, everyone use on demand apps to order services. While on demand is convenient, nothing is more efficient than automatic. Our clients don’t have to think about what they need done or much less push a button or download an app. Just sign up, give us your to – do – list, and it’s DONE.

BENSON is built on core values such as Integrity First, Service To Others, and Excellence In All We Do which we share with the US Armed Forces. You trusted us to serve the country, trust us to serve you.


Our Social Mission

BENSON’s social mission is to inspire every American to serve this country in some capacity. Sure, we would love to have you join any one of our great military branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), but if that’s not possible, please consider other ways. In example, if you are a professional (i.e. Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, etc) provide your professional services to someone that can’t afford it. You can volunteer at your favorite nonprofit (i.e. American Red Cross, United Way, etc). Also, you can serve through mentorship. Join an existing or create your own mentor program to help someone in need. If you would like, join us at the MEPS Station in Raleigh, NC as we congratulate and cheer on our brave men and women that are answering that call and joining the military. Sign up for our Call To Service Newsletter to get dates of events where you can learn more about BENSON’s service to America.

Our Bensons

Bensons are your 21st century personal butlers. They are highly motivated and dedicated individuals responsible for taking care of all of your request. At BENSON, we only hire accomplished military veterans who are honorably discharged from service. They are full – and part – time W2 employees with thoroughly screened background checks (Identity, Criminal, Drivers Record, and Credit), references, and 3 in – person interviews. Our Bensons complete 2 phases of intense training before going out into the community and serving our clients. In the 1st phase they receive detail class training which cover proper BENSON etiquette and decorum. In the 2nd phase, they train with other Bensons in active home settings providing services for clients. After successfully completing this training, they are assigned a client and can began to provide services on their own.

After you’ve signed up for BENSON and arranged your services, you will receive a detailed profile of your Benson. This will include their personal profile, their military service and more information on what makes them unique. In approximately 24 – 48 hours, depending on the urgency in your need of our services, you will be formally introduced to your personal Benson.